Call me a rebel in the fucking degenerate generation.

A lot of people misunderstood this album, or call WASP hair metal yet they are decidedly not to anyone with a functioning frontal lobe; WASP was never hair metal or buttrock — New York Dolls connection notwithstanding, — Blackie was just a weirdo and troll who later found Jesus. I could smack on Tipper Gore and the PMRC, or Blackie’s stage show trolling of all the politicians at the time, but it would take me hours to explain the shit.

This album followed “Still Not Black Enough” which was also criminally underrated, — but this melting audible snuff porn of an album was written and performed by both Blackie and Chris Holmes coming out of divorces and long term relationships after a long separation from one another on the musical front.

The stage shows for this album even reflected it — decapitating live pigs on stage, nuns strapped to crucifixes and literally fucked on stage, — nothing that Manson, any industrial band, or even the vast majority of black metal bands ever did came close to the craziness they pulled with this album in the no-fun 90’s while still remaining relevant. I am not kidding when I say that this is literally snuff music.

Fun fact, Blackie, at one point actually had a life sized mannequin of Marylin Manson dragged onto the stage, decapitated it, nailed it to a cross, and had sex with it on stage using a K-Bar knife as a cock and ejaculated onto the stage and decapitated head during the K.F.D. tour. 

It is still very distinctly WASP, but there’s a burning hatred here that you hadn’t seen from them before flavored with an industrial sound and odd symphonic melody. This will always be my favorite WASP album.

Kill, Fuck, Die. 


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