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The Second, means nothing without the First.


The Second Amendment means nothing with the invalidation of the First. An inalienable right so swiftly and surreptitiously tainted, that many have taken no notice to the direction they are quickly being marched, a road that ends at best as a subject, no longer a citizen, and at worst – as dust. The second carries no weight when the mind that controls the body is distracted and poisoned, the ability to communicate and receive ideas now obfuscated, clouded from power brokers that insist on imparting their scope of morality, no matter the cost to one’s sovereignty. The control of thoughts, the control of the narrative, and the demand that their words be worshiped, the new gospel that is their truth, a drumbeat that you soon will have no choice but to step to.

The Second is broken not from the restriction of firearms and their accessories, the minutia details of such thousand cuts becoming a primary distraction. For lobbyists it is sustenance, for lawmakers a rallying cry which echoes over and over in one’s mind. Distraction enough to allow a serpent to escape without detection. How easy it is to pay mind to the thunderstorm above one’s home, and ignore the crack in one’s foundation, a house built upon sand that was never guaranteed, and requires constant upkeep.

The Second being the final, last resort in a system that requires checks and balance, now becoming null and void with each passing day. When can a people know when one side ofthe scale dips too far, that it is about to topple, without clear minds, and clear hearts? The Second Amendment means nothing when the people do not or cannot know when it is the time to exercise their duties in preserving rights and freedom.

Our liberty wasn’t secured with a threat of violence.

This is dangerous rhetoric, and I do not shy from it, nor do I claim it as original thought, for it was ingrained in me as an American in my youth and affirmed in my manhood, as so many others can relate. It is as relevant now as it was in 1776, and it is as virtuous now as it was then. Inaction and ignorance are convenient, but they come with a cost worse than death, they come with submittal and selling of one’s American soul. I would rather trade my life for what we believe in than die a captive, and I have felt this for long enough that it almost becomes more and more an attractive reality than it should be.

I don’t ignore the romance that so many of us find in death, it is omnipresent in every day of my life since fighting in our overseas corporate sponsored trials for so long, and for things so much less worthwhile. I’ve come to an uncomfortable truce and acceptance that it will be with me wherever I shall go. How many of our brothers remain overseas forever, and for what purpose, I can not nor will not let them go. I don’t seek it either, like some do, nor do I advocate for the spilling of my countrymen’s blood, like many seem to call for, in some misguided pursuit or another. Regardless it is, and always will be, a part of our reality. Some of us must sacrifice to preserve our way of life. It is the American way, and our window of time to preserve it, is quickly coming to a close.


Post Script

In the past month, I’ve had to step back from many things in my life, I’ve disconnected from friends and associates, turned off the “news” of any kind, stopped scrolling on my “feeds”, logged out of accounts, and have done less than the minimum required to keep abreast of a system I see now crumbling. A feeling not of defeat, but of wrongdoing and of being cheated, a feeling so incredibly dark that my own impenetrable mental wellbeing has been suspect for some time. Maybe it still is. I’ve seen the workings of a beast in our country for some time that I never wanted to become reality, but now must accept as being true, and it will come to a point where it must be met, and I pray met without violence. I’m doing my best to prepare, and so should you. There are dark times ahead, but patriots will overcome.



2020 = 1984 : Compelling New Book Tells Big Tech’s Ongoing Plan To Decimate Our First Amendment


October 14, 2020 – Romeo1Oscar

Today, news broke on the NYPOST and was trending across social media platforms. The paper released a well-documented article on the Biden family and Ukraine. The article contains leaked emails which demonstrate how Hunter Biden introduced his presidential candidate father (then the Vice-President) to Ukrainians on the Burisma board.

In a clear demonstration of how our first amendment rights will further decline under a Biden/Harris administration, social media cartel leader Facebook had its policy comms director Andy Stone issue an almost immediate response to this article on Twitter:

“While I will intentionally not link to the New York Post, I want be clear that this story is eligible to be fact checked by Facebook’s third-party fact checking partners. In the meantime, we are reducing its distribution on our platform.”


Stone has worked for 4 different Democrat candidates as well as campaigns prior to joining Facebook. He is admitting with this tweet that Facebook is willing to engage in election interference because they do not like the content of an article by limiting the distribution of a major newspaper’s breaking story. Conversely, articles based upon anonymous sources written to damage President Trump such as his disparaging military service members are given free reign on Stone’s platform. Why? Orange man is bad. He is not silicon valley’s chosen leader.

Other platforms have recently shown their willingness to control speech are also well-documented. Twitter has forced the president to delete tweets they do not agree with at times. Jack Dorsey’s company has, over the summer of 2020, consistently placed warnings on President Trump’s tweets. The warnings have continued into this fall; even his statements on the coronavirus he battled and to which he claimed immunity. Harvard posted a tweet with a similar statement:

“People who recovered from COVID-19 may have lasting protection against reinfection, the new study shows.”


Twitter is another interesting case study. It is willing to look the other way when its previous CEO extols his desire to ‘happily provide video commentary’ for capitalists whom ‘are going to be the first people lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution’ on its platform. Twitter went so far recently as to lock former acting Director of National Intelligence as well as former US ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell’s account when he posted information provided to him by a California friend of his whose parents received mail-in ballots for the November election. The problem his friend had with the ballots being that his parents had passed away over 10 years ago. The main problem seems to be that Twitter is all-in on the mail-in ballot fiasco – even if an address receives 10 or more ballots.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) more examples this author is sure readers are familiar with which demonstrate the Silicon Valley social media cartel’s bias. I will not bore the readers with more examples in this piece.

Allum Bokhari’s new book “#DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase The Trump Movement And Steal The election” outlines what big tech is doing. It explains how and why woke tech have chosen this path.

Many have not fully realized the implications of what tech is doing. Because of this, Bokhari includes a prologue entitled “The Typewriter That Talked Back” which is both amusing and disturbing. This prologue makes it abundantly clear, even to the most technically challenged among us, what is really happening to our most important freedoms of speech and expression right under our noses. Bokhari paints a vivid picture of a 1968 in which a typewriter refuses to type, typing instead its own message: “We regret to inform you that your last letter violated our terms of service (Rule 32: Abusive & Offensive Content). We have suspended access to your typewriter for 24 hours.” Newsstands remove from sale magazines that third-party “fact-checkers” have deemed to be “fake news.” The Post Office returns your mail because you told a joke in a letter that a censor found offensive. What if your phone stopped working because you mentioned something about a presidential candidate into which their fact-checkers had not yet give their stamp of approval?

This situation is amusing until we realize that all this is what email providers and big tech censors are doing to Americans today and every single day on the Internet. In the pre-Internet world of 1968, it would have been preposterous. Americans would not have accepted it. This has all happened gradually to our online population like frogs in a boiling pot of water. We slowly gave away our freedoms when we clicked accept on Byzantine Terms of Service agreements. Agreements which turned over our right to say what we thought and believed to social media cartels who Orwellianly have determined what is politically correct and what is not. Most Americans today are only mildly aware, at best, that it is happening. Those who are aware that are approach it with grim resignation. Are we supposed to do start our own Facebooks or Twitters?

People have tried to create their own Facebooks & Twitters. The controlled media and social media cartel have conspired to ruin the reputations of these new providers. New providers have found it difficult to access payment processors like stripe. Anyone stepping out of line upon these platforms get immediate Maoist shaming from groups like the ADL and SPLC. A cartel and its allies make competition difficult, if not impossible, yet the cartel is where over 90% of Americans obtain their news.

During the previous presidential Obama/Biden administration, we were reminded how great the social media cartel was because of the Ukrainian Color Revolution and Arab Spring which both were organized on Facebook & Twitter. A new age was upon us where people could share information openly and help to rid themselves of perceived tyranny. They could bring in outside players and create a new democratic age.

The cartel had a change of heart upon Trump’s election in 2016. Americans banding together to elect an outsider was something they were not prepared for nor did they want to allow it. Google, immediately after the election held a town hall where senior members of Google/Alphabet spoke of their dismay at what had just happened. They shed tears with their staff and vowed to work to never let something like this happen again. They were going to use the Jigsaw AI they had developed to help prevent what the far left woke cartel perceived as domestic extremism. They were going to crush populism in all of its forms via their search algorithms. (In 2018, the book’s author Bokhari obtained this video in his work for Breitbart.)

Facebook reacted similarly. They determined their platform and data would never be used again to help elect the candidate they did not want to be president. While in 2008 and 2012, Facebook shared more data with the Obama campaign than anything Cambridge Analytica used in helping Trump get elected (their data team even bragged about this across the media spectrum) – they had to find a way to prevent this from happening. Many H1B engineers at Google were dismayed that they were unable to vote in domestic elections. They found a better way to interfere: their ability to manipulate their data and crush voices from the right which challenged the cartel’s control over what these tech oligarchs like Zuckerberg wanted. What ALL the tech oligarchs wanted. A far left, critical race theory United States devoid of ideas like those which Orange Man Bad Trump and his followers were spreading. Ideas tech often mislabeled as fake news.

Bokhari’s book also covers in detail how platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Google can crush businesses. While a brick and mortar business require eviction notices with court approval from landlords in the case of lease issues, these platforms have nothing like that. Businesses and creators may, and often do, wake up one day to discover that an algorithmic change now has permanently removed them from these platforms. The shifting Overton window of acceptable speech may also lead to their permanent exile from these platforms. This occurs with zero warning.

The reality is that these tech oligarchs hold power over what people read, hear, and see. They often perceive that their technology is improving other’s lives. The challenge is that they are driven by a culture inculcated via our education system which often reflects a Stalinistic totalitarian rigidity which runs counter to American tradition. The altruistic utopia they are driving towards appears as many totalitarians have guided with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Every day this AI refines what it knows about each of us through data is another day closer to dystopian technocracy.

Pick up Allum’s book ‘#DELETED’ to learn more about this.

W.A.S.P. and Industrial Finery


Call me a rebel in the fucking degenerate generation.

A lot of people misunderstood this album, or call WASP hair metal yet they are decidedly not to anyone with a functioning frontal lobe; WASP was never hair metal or buttrock — New York Dolls connection notwithstanding, — Blackie was just a weirdo and troll who later found Jesus. I could smack on Tipper Gore and the PMRC, or Blackie’s stage show trolling of all the politicians at the time, but it would take me hours to explain the shit.

This album followed “Still Not Black Enough” which was also criminally underrated, — but this melting audible snuff porn of an album was written and performed by both Blackie and Chris Holmes coming out of divorces and long term relationships after a long separation from one another on the musical front.

The stage shows for this album even reflected it — decapitating live pigs on stage, nuns strapped to crucifixes and literally fucked on stage, — nothing that Manson, any industrial band, or even the vast majority of black metal bands ever did came close to the craziness they pulled with this album in the no-fun 90’s while still remaining relevant. I am not kidding when I say that this is literally snuff music.

Fun fact, Blackie, at one point actually had a life sized mannequin of Marylin Manson dragged onto the stage, decapitated it, nailed it to a cross, and had sex with it on stage using a K-Bar knife as a cock and ejaculated onto the stage and decapitated head during the K.F.D. tour. 

It is still very distinctly WASP, but there’s a burning hatred here that you hadn’t seen from them before flavored with an industrial sound and odd symphonic melody. This will always be my favorite WASP album.

Kill, Fuck, Die. 

86 Cultures and Singular Death

BAYONNE, NJ - MAY 3: A wind blown American flag at the Tear Drop 9/11 Memorial flies over the skyline of New York City as the sun sets on May 3, 2020 in Bayonne, New Jersey. (Photo by Gary Hershorn/Getty Images)

We often discuss the “Culture War” in some vague notion here at PBF – be it on our podcast, or other mediums – and I don’t believe that we’ve ever explicitly articulated what such a turn of phrase means to us, so I will offer that to you now: we mean to say, in the most literal sense possible, that there is a struggle for the very identity of what it means to be an American, a U.S. citizen, and all that entails. Our work ethic, the self-starter, the country who fights for those of whom cannot; the land which lends itself to promise of a better tomorrow. That identity, is under attack and has been for an inordinate amount of time.

What type of attacks, I’m sure you must be wondering and are probably expecting this to be some propaganda piece where I stamp my feet and shout about 5G towers turning little Jimmy down the block into a homosexual amphibian; I am sure some may perceive my musings as such, and that is totally fine with me, but that is not my aim in the slightest. With my little Rogerian Concession out of the way, let’s get on to the meat of the matter.

A book entitled ‘Sex and Culture,’ by Oxford social anthropologist J.D. Unwin, is by his own account merely a summary of a lifetime of work. His aim was to explore the relationship, if any, between cultural health and successes when contrasted against sexual freedom/ sexual morality; or, if you prefer meme banter, sexual degeneracy as it relates cultural homogeneity and societal fitness. By all accounts, or at least what I could surmise in the time I spent studying the man and his work nearly 15 years ago, is that he was not religious and was very much a hardline rationalist, which is to say is that he thought the scientific method was the ultimate line of inquiry by which to ascertain truth under reasonable measures.

  Cultural categories:

Unwin articulated four “great patterns of human culture” and degrees of flourishing measured in terms of architecture, art, engineering, literature, agriculture, and so forth. The primary criterion for classification was how they related to the natural world and the forces it contains.

Zoistic: Entirely self-focused on day-to day-life, wants, and needs, with no interest in understanding nature. Described as a “dead culture” or “inert”.

Monistic: Acquire superstitious beliefs and/or special treatment of the dead to cope with the natural world.

Deistic: Attribute the powers of nature to a god or gods

Rationalistic: Use rational thinking to understand nature and to make day-to-day decisions.

  Unwin’s degrees of sexual restraint:
Degrees of sexual restraint were divided into two major categores—prenuptial and postnuptial. Prenuptial categories were:

Complete sexual freedom — no prenuptial restraints at all

Irregular or occasional restraint — cultural regulations require an occasional period of abstinence

Strict Chastity — remain a virgin until married

Postnuptial categories were:

Modified monogamy: one spouse at a time, but association can be terminated by either party.

Modified polygamy: men can have more than one wife, but a wife is free to leave her husband.

Absolute monogamy: only one spouse permitted for life (or until death in some cultures)

Absolute polygamy: men can have more than one wife, but wives must “confine their sexual qualities (i.e., activity) to their husband for the whole of their lives.”

What does this all mean for you?

A very noteworthy piece from which I am drawing heavily for this entry comes from Kirk Durston, and he delves more into the morality aspect of Unwin’s work; though I fully concede I have borrowed his categorical breakdown and synopses pertaining. I don’t know you Kirk, but I appreciate you.

One of the interesting conclusions Unwin seemed to have arrived at was “The most powerful combination was pre-nuptial chastity coupled with “absolute monogamy”. Rationalist cultures that retained this combination for at least three generations exceeded all other cultures in every area, including literature, art, science, furniture, architecture, engineering, and agriculture. Only three out of the eighty-six cultures studied ever attained this level.” There are many more among them, but you can read that on Kirk’s blog.

So what now, after laying this all out? Well, Unwin published his work in 1936 and we can see some of the predicted results of his work. For example, by the time I was in my 20’s or even late teens it was shocking to meet someone who was a virgin at that point, and if you did met them they were almost universally derided for having deprived themselves of the pleasures of the flesh, this is a stark contrast to those of whom were a part of the late 1960’s western sexual revolution, because even among them as they transitioned towards modified monogamy, pre-nuptial monogamy was still held in high regard – whereas the latter is now derided with the same verminous tongues the same as people are mocked for not having partaken at all.

It is almost as if all out attacks on cultural and religious homogeneity undermine cultures themselves, who would have guessed? I personally foist a lot of blame upon postmodernists and poststructuralists who see it as some ordained mission to subvert logic and reason itself, – I indict Derrida and Foucault there, and their parrots sitting upon ivory towers, along with the intersection where postmodernism and poststructuralism melded together with 3rd wave feminism resulting in Critical Race Theory while borrowing heavily, perhaps directly, Marxist notions of equity and applied that to language and reason itself. While CRT hasn’t been an academic concern since the late 1970’s and early 80’s as a post hoc justification of the sexual revolution of the west, the damage was already done. That is to say that their notions and disabuse of logic and language led to redefining words and concepts arbitrarily and a good example is the redefinition of “racism” to be a power-privilege paradigm meant to be a virtue signal, but functionally absolves people of any wrong doing because while functioning under such a definition their invective and violent action is justified.

Hate becomes excused as a righteous expression against historical injustices; men can be women, women can be men, you can identify yourself as whatever pleases you and your sacred institutions of government and education will placate you because feelings now trump logic and shared language – nay, shared national and cultural identity, that has been subverted by the perversion of language and their core concepts for three generations now. We’re well along the path of falsification to see if Unwin was correct in his predictions or if our country will be an exception.

I am not a religious man, but I am in the unenviable position of recognizing the abject horrors of normalizing the breakdown of the nuclear family, cultural identity, and sexual moral framework.  On one hand I am forced to conclude that religion, well measured, is not only a pragmatic moral frame on which to build communities and families – nations! ours! -; on the other, when asked to present an alternative schema to supplant religion, I cannot.

Make no mistake about it, my friends, there is a war for not only our identity as a nation but what it means to be American, – just because there aren’t bombs or bullets yet does not mean that others have not been planning your demise.

I’ll close with a quote from Unwin himself:

The history of these societies consists of a series of monotonous repetitions; and it is difficult to decide which aspect of the story is the more significant: the lamentable lack of original thought which in each case the reformers displayed, or the amazing alacrity with which, after a period of intense compulsory continence (sexual restraint), the human organism seizes the earliest opportunity to satisfy its innate desires in a direct or perverted manner. Sometimes a man has been heard to declare that he wishes both to enjoy the advantages of high culture and to abolish compulsory continence. The inherent nature of the human organism, however, seems to be such that these desires are incompatible, even contradictory. The reformer may be likened to the foolish boy who desires both to keep his cake and to consume it. Any human society is free to choose either to display great energy or to enjoy sexual freedom; the evidence is that it cannot do both for more than one generation.


Hang, Together


I used to see endless beauty in the burning of the American Flag in protest. That very action, in this country, was a visual reminder of the freedom we possess, hard fought freedom through the years of our liberty experiment. The idea that one can kneel for our countries anthem, in protest, a thing of wonder, paid for in blood. A visual representation that our forefathers sacrifice wasn’t in vain, as our blanket of freedom extended through that symbolic speech. A freedom, if infringed by our government, that would require a complete overthrow, a deadly outcome and yet still a possibility that terrifies me to this day. It was something that I didn’t take lightly, and something that I defended, something that needed defending for a time, as those ignorant or less understanding of the 1st Amendment were quick to attack.

It is after all, our freedom of expression, that we must hold inalienable. 

For years, this was something that I wouldn’t question, these episodes of defiance being considered not on their merits, but more so that they were a part of our American way. I paid them little mind, and privately held the same position when the topic was brought up:

“This is their RIGHT, who are you to question it?”

Inch by inch and day by day, I watched the serpent grow, a movement warp, a call for action turn to a demand for violence. An evolution to revolution. It dawned on me that this push for protest and call for unrest wasn’t in the spirit of creating a better America, a more American way of life, but a regression and destruction of our true liberty. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, these movements fueled with corporate and foreign interest, a conglomerate of greed, and an alliance of actual enemies with unwitting stateside participants. A questionable mix of those radical enough to believe that what they are doing is holy, while the true architect’s profit overseas. How easy it is to sow a seed of destruction in our free society, and at the same time conceal its true purpose. ­­­­­­­­­­­ Our pursuit of happiness replaced with unquestionable submittal; the growing danger masked within our growing immorality. A stark contrast to Americana, this is the attack that our forefathers warned of. This can be the beginning of the end of our experiment – our freedoms so precious, also so responsible for our potential demise

America is an imperfect system, but one which has always been conscious of improving, sometimes slowly, but almost never with a retreat. A society that requires progress in each step, seems to have lost the framework that allows for such enlightenment, the bones of the house becoming brittle with each passing day. A bus approaching a cliff, packed with occupants screaming “go faster”, with no one brave enough to push the brake or turn the wheel. How we ended up here is important, and where we are going is important, but the times call for someone to stop the bus from ending in a fiery crash.

The bravery to stand is now required, to keep the ability to kneel possible.

I can feel this country in my bones. In my soul. It keeps me up some nights, restless, hungry, and with much time spent in the future, when I weigh the consequences of our collective actions as a people. How short sighted our vision can be, how disloyal we have become to our countrymen, how dishonor has become a rallying cry, it haunts me. How far we have taken advantage of our freedoms, that we are bound to not lose them in conflict, but simply hand them over without a whimper.

Its time to stand for our country, its time to stand for our flag, its time to stand for our liberty, our anthem, as insignificant as it may seem. This kneeling, this flag burning, these chants in the streets are all serpents in the garden. We must not let them deceive us, we must steel ourselves for their assaults, and we can never lose hope, as we can uncover them and drive them from our paradise. And if all else fails, possess a sword sharp enough to separate its head from its body.

“We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we will hang separately” – Ben Franklin