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After gutting police budget, Minneapolis city council complains about soaring crime

Minn Woes

A mere three months after lobbying to “defund the police,” several members of the Minneapolis City Council are reporting that residents are asking where the police have gone.

In a meeting Tuesday on police reform, MPR News reports, “council members told police Chief Medaria Arradondo that their constituents are seeing and hearing street racing which sometimes results in crashes, brazen daylight carjackings, robberies, assaults and shootings.”

“Residents are asking, ‘Where are the police?'” said Jamal Osman, a newly elected council member. Osman reported that multiple residents have contacted him complaining they have tried to reach police to no avail.

“[Residents] rely on MPD [Minneapolis Police Department.] And they are saying they are nowhere to be seen,” Osman said.

In June, this same body unanimously voted to eliminate the city’s police department, advocating for a holistic approach to public safety that included stripping $1 million from the police budget to hire “violence interrupters.”

Three of those council members who voted to defund the police on June 12 opened up questions at the meeting about the ensuing crime wave, the Daily Caller noted. Steve Fletcher, Lisa Bender, and Andrew Johnson had also participated in a June 7 protest where they demanded that the police be defunded, yet they now protest that their constituents are without active neighbourhood policing.

Council member Phillipe Cunningham supported the concept of hiring “violence interrupters” and seemed baffled at the change of heart many members demonstrated at Tuesday’s meeting, despite an “uptick of crime in his ward.”

“What I am sort of flabbergasted by right now is colleagues, who a very short time ago were calling for abolition, are now suggesting we should be putting more resources and funding into MPD,” Cunningham said.

Fletcher, who had penned an essay for TIME magazine about his “publicly supporting the call to disband our police department and start fresh with a community-oriented, non-violent public safety and outreach capacity,” now asked where the police had gone.

At the city council meeting, Fletcher said that officers were “not doing anything to prevent robberies” in the Marcy Holmes area, and lamented the “significant increase in extremely dangerous and reckless driving.”

Fletcher asked “I’d love to know a little more about what the robbery suppression work is and what are we doing what’s been sort of a pattern in Marcy over the past six weeks?”

Bender said that she thought it was possible that officers were motivated to not due their jobs based on political reasons, that officers weren’t responding to crime calls “because they don’t support council member, or in some cases, the mayor, or perhaps they think they they’re making the case for more resources for the department.”

Bender, who told CNN in June that calling the police during emergency circumstances “comes form a place of privilege,” asked during the city council meeting “How do we get this under control?”

Johnson also said he wants to put a stop to the crime wave, asking “How do we stop it? Because it seems like a huge problem and it’s something we absolutely want to stop and it also seems very difficult to stop.” His major complaint were the carjackings in his community.

It was back in June that Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey was humiliated in public when he refused to commit to defunding the police. The city council resolution to defund the police stated that the city would start engaging “with every willing community member in Minneapolis” in order to create a new and improved public safety model. Nine of 13 Minneapolis city council members pledged to defund the police.

According to Minneapolis Police Department’s crime data available, reported violent crimes, including robberies and homicides, are up nearly 50 percent this year compared to last. A recent Minneapolis Star Tribune article reported the “[s]tate’s largest city could be headed for its most violent year in at least two decades.”

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BLM riot damages ‘worst in history’ totalling over $2 BILLION


The “mostly peaceful” riots that have been rocking the US since the end of May have proven to be extremely costly.

The Insurance Information Institute has compiled some shocking data. According to the institute, property damage claims from the riots this summer have now likely surpassed $2 billion, making them the costliest riots in US history.


The study indicates that just between the dates of May 26 and June 8 claims appear to be near the $2 billion mark, and in most cities, the rioting has not stopped. In Portland, for example, they are nearing four months of nightly disturbances without a single night off, and no end in sight.

“This is still happening, so the losses could be significantly more,” mentioned an official from Property Claim Services, an industry monitoring service, according to Claims Journal.

Another disturbing dimension to these figures is that they only include valid insurance claims. Many business and property owners are realizing to their horror that they are not even able to make a claim due to the nature of their insurance policies, which often do not include riot-related losses.


In comparison, the total amount of insurance claims for property damage in the whole decade of the 1960s, which saw six major nationwide riots, totals to just $1.2 billion when adjusted for inflation. That means the country saw in a couple of weeks during 2020 almost twice the property damage as that of the previously most turbulent decade in the country’s history.

Insurance companies, even with so many exclusions on claims, are at risk due to this. In addition, many businesses are facing the problem of settlements not providing enough compensation for them to be able to rebuild.

Concerns are being raised about further riots and intensifying of the same due to the presidential elections looming in November.

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Biden’s soft Hispanic support


President Trump’s standing with Hispanic voters is stronger now than four years ago, while Joe Biden’s support is softer than Hillary Clinton’s, polls show — trends that worry some longtime Biden supporters in the Hispanic community.

Why it matters: Hispanic voters make up more than 20 percent of the electorate in Florida and Arizona — two swing states that Trump won in 2016 but could deliver Biden the White House.

  • National polling still shows Biden leading Trump with Hispanics by around 20 percentage points, but in some key states that lead evaporates.
  • Biden’s challenge may be the clearest in Florida, where exit polling gave Clinton two-thirds of the Hispanic vote in 2016 but where three recent surveys show Trump holding a small lead over Biden with Hispanics.
  • A Marist/NBC poll has Trump up 50%-46%. A Quinnipiac survey last week gave Trump a 45%-43% advantage.
  • And in heavily Democratic Miami-Dade County, Trump leads Biden 47-46% among Hispanics, per a new survey from Bendixen & Amandi. That’s in a county that’s almost 70% Hispanic and that Trump lost by 30 percentage points four years ago.

Between the lines: Biden focused his running-mate search and convention programming far more around Black voters amid protests against systemic racism and police killings. But Hispanics are a bigger and faster growing voting group.

  • There are more than 3.1 million eligible Hispanic voters in Florida and 1.3 million in Arizona.
  • Pennsylvania has 520,000 eligible Hispanic voters; North Carolina, 338,000; Michigan, 221,000; and Wisconsin, 183,000, according to the Pew Research Center.

Be smart: Biden issued a statement on Tuesday recognizing the Feast Day of La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre — Cubans’ celebration of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. “I will always stand strong in defense of religious freedom around the world,” it said. “We stand with those who seek a future in which the Cuban people are free to determine their own destiny.”

  • Before leaving Wisconsin on Monday, Axios’ Alexi McCammond reported, Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris squeezed in a meeting with members of Voces de la Frontera focused on registering Latino voters.

The big picture: Trump’s push for a U.S.-Mexico border wall and hardline immigration policies make him unpopular with many Hispanic voters. But he has successfully courted other Hispanic-Americans, including evangelicals, those who are a generation removed from immigration, and those of Cuban and Venezuelan descent who respond to his anti-socialism message.

  • Trump is benefiting from “stronger support among evangelical protestant Hispanics who see a clearcut difference between Trump and Biden on faith-based issues,” said Rice University Professor Mark Jones.
  • “Regardless of what Trump does, even though it alienates Latino elites, there’s a certain segment that isn’t alienated by him,” said Jones. “Trump appears to have a floor with Hispanics.”

By the numbers: Biden led Trump 56%-36% with Hispanics in a national Quinnipiac survey taken after both parties’ August nominating conventions — a 20-point spread that’s significantly narrower than the 38-point lead Clinton had in an average of pre-election polls in 2016.

  • An Emerson College post-convention national survey put Trump’s Hispanic support at 37% — almost 10 points higher than the 28% exit polls show he captured in 2016.
  • Biden was up 10 points over Trump among registered Hispanic voters in a Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation August survey, significantly less than Clinton’s 27-point Hispanic win in Texas.

What they’re saying: “For the campaign to win, I expect them to do more,” said Rep. Tony Cardenas (D-Calif.), who ran the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’s PAC. “If we take any particular community for granted, we could make this race too close, much closer than it needs to be.”

  • “It’s undeniable that there appears to be a lukewarm level of support,” said Moe Vela, a Hispanic lawyer and political adviser who worked for Biden in the Obama administration. “I love Joe and and Jill Biden, but they deserve to have a better team.”

Biden’s team dismisses most of the public polling, saying English-language polls aren’t as reliable a gauge. “Their methodology is flawed because they all under-sample Hispanics,” said Matt Barreto, who polls for Biden and founded the group, Latino Decisions. “You can’t really draw valid conclusions from them.”

  • “We have dramatically scaled up our operations and brought on a number of Latino experts to make sure we are doing what we need to be doing,” said Cristobal Alex, a senior Biden adviser.
  • According to Pew, 90 percent of U.S.-born Hispanics are proficient in English.

Trump’s team sees validation for focusing on entrepreneurship and culturally conservative issues, said Giancarlo Sopo, the campaign’s director of rapid response for Spanish-language media“Public polling has many flaws, but sometimes there are trends.”

Flashback: Biden lost the Hispanic vote in the Nevada and Iowa caucuses and Texas’ primary. During the Democratic National Convention, former candidate Julian Castro told Alexi McCammond he saw “a potential slide in Latino support for Democrats” if Biden didn’t pay more attention to Hispanics.

The bottom line: “Trump is doing reasonably well with Hispanics,” Jones said. “There are warning signs for Biden.”


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Barr tells prosecutors they could file sedition charges against violent protesters: report


Attorney General Bill Barr has told federal prosecutors to consider charging violent protesters with sedition and other criminal statutes, according to a report.

Barr made the comments last week during a conference call with U.S. attorneys, according to the Wall Street Journal, which cited “people familiar with the conversation.”

During the call, the news outlet reported that Barr told prosecutors to “be aggressive,” to include potentially charging suspects with plotting the overthrow the U.S. government.

The pertinent statute would fall under the U.S. Code section that deals with seditious conspiracy.

The 18 U.S. Code subsection 2384 statue reads as follows.

“If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.”

During the conference call with prosecutors, Barr reportedly warned that violent demonstrations could grow worse leading up to the November elections.

The Justice Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Just the News.

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ABC’s Trump In Trouble Poll Surveyed Just 533, Not Likely Voters, Asked Over 20% More Biden Supporters Than Conservatives


The poll – cited across the news media on Sunday – purported to show the public at odds with the President over the coronavirus pandemic as well as the widely debunked story about his supposedly derogatory comments about the military.

But the poll is almost less scientific than a Twitter survey, given who was polled and in what percentages and ratios.


In total, the poll quizzed 31 percent Democrats, and just 25 percent Republicans. The pollsters also surveyed 38 percent self-identified independents.

In a telling detail, pollster Ipsos actually refused to reveal these party breakdown numbers on their website and in their PDF of the poll. Instead, they opaquely state: “Party ID benchmarks are from recent ABC News/Washington Post telephone polls.”

Recent ABC/Washington Post polls also stacked the decks in favor of Biden supporters, with the July polling quizzing 522 Biden supporters versus 399 Trump supporters. That amounts to a 27 percent inbuilt bias for Biden supporters.

ABC News itself was more up front about the numbers, revealing the stark difference between Democrats and Republicans surveyed.


The poll also failed to approach registered or likely voters: a key factor when attempting to rely on polling as a means by which to inform an election.


Instead, they reveal:

This ABC News/Ipsos poll was conducted September 11 to September 12, 2020 by Ipsos using the probability-based KnowledgePanel®. This poll is based on a nationally representative probability sample of 533 general population adults age 18 or older.

The revelations about such shoddy polling brings to mind the warnings of the late Christopher Hitchens, who once wrote in Harper’s magazine: “Opinion polling was born out of a struggle not to discover the public mind but to master it.”

He continued: “…Polls are deployed only when they might prove useful — that is, helpful to the powers that be in their question to maintain their position and influence. Indeed, the polling industry is a powerful ally of depoliticization and its counterpart which is consensus.”

Twitter Locks Kanye Out of His Account After Anti-Music Industry Rant


Twitter has locked Kanye West out of his account following the rapper’s anti-music industry rant, during which he posted a video of someone urinating on a Grammy award.

Referring to the music industry as “modern-day slavery,” West uploaded photos of his Universal contracts, commenting, “I need every lawyer in the world to look at these.”


The music icon was attempting to draw attention to the vast profits recouped by record companies at the cost of the artist.

Vowing “I won’t stop” during the rant, Kanye also tweeted numerous bible verses in addition to remarking, “The media tries to kill our heroes one at a time.”


“We used to diss Michael Jackson the media made us call him crazy … then they killed him,” he added.

Twitter responded by locking West out of his account, meaning Kanye is unable to tweet again until he agrees to delete tweets.

“Kanye wanted me to let everyone know that his Twitter account has been locked out by the Twitter Gods,” tweeted Candace Owens.


Even Kanye, a global superstar with almost 31 million followers, is not immune from Twitter’s censorship monitors.

To add the to irony, before Twitter locked his account, Kanye tweeted, “I know a lot of musicians are not allowed to say anything but I can’t be muted or cancelled so I’m going to say everything as always.”

Apparently, he can be muted, because just like the music industry, the social media landscape is controlled by all powerful monopolies who are completely adversarial to free speech.

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Christopher Rufo on Critical Race Theory & the Trump Admin’s Recent Ban | American Thought Leaders






Chinese Organization With Communist Party Ties Funds Black Lives Matter Ventures

Chines BLM Progressive Association
China has ties to BLM in subverting the USA

The Black Futures Lab, a venture of Black Lives Matter founder Alicia Garza, is sponsored by the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA), an organization that works with China’s communist government to push its agenda in the United States, according to an investigation by the Heritage Foundation’s Mike Gonzalez.

Gonzalez discovered that the Black Futures Lab donation page explicitly states they are “a fiscally sponsored project of the Chinese Progressive Association,” explaining where donations to Black Futures Lab are funneled.

Gonzalez explains the history of the CPA in the United States, documenting the activities the group sponsors on behalf of the Chinese government, including one instance in which the People’s Republic of China flag was flown over Boston’s City Hall to honor the takeover of China by the Chinese Communist Party. The CPA is routinely praised for its work in the U.S. by China’s official mouthpiece, China Daily.

“It is clear, then, that CPA works with China’s communist government, pushes its agenda here in the United States, and is regularly praised by China’s state-owned mouthpieces,” Gonzalez writes. “It is clear, too, from, this perspective, why the CPA would sponsor a new enterprise by Garza: They espouse the same desire for world communism.”

Garza, the founder of Black Futures Lab, is also the founder of the openly Marxist, global organization Black Lives Matter and the numerous domestic organizations, such as the Movement For Black Lives, that are related to it. The BLM organization sponsors and proposes Marxist public policy such as socialized ownership of resources, banks, and businesses, a highly unequal income tax, putting everyone on welfare through a “minimum income,” and government jobs. In 2015, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said she and her fellow organizers are “trained Marxists.”

Garza’s organization that the Chinese Progressive Association funds, Black Futures Lab, appears to be a lobbying group advocating for “local-, state- and federal-level policies that make Black communities stronger,” and goals which presumably fall in line with Garza’s Marxist ideology.

The prominence of Black Lives Matter’s role in heightening racial strife in American recent years cannot be understated. As Ben Weingarten writes at The Federalist, BLM is “collectively rooted in and devoted to Marxism, Jew-hatred, violence, racism, social discord, and the undermining of our founding values and principles.” Of course, China would see value in funding such an organization.

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Sorority girl accused of rioting in Lancaster has bail set at $1 million

Cat Patterson Sorority Insurgent
A university student and sorority sister was among eight arrested Sunday and slapped with $1 million bails each.
A university student and sorority sister was among eight arrested Sunday and slapped with $1 million bails each on the first night of the Black Lives Matter-Antifa protests in Lancaster, Pa. 20-year-old Kathryn “Kat” Jeanne Patterson of Mercersburg, Pa. was charged with felony arson, felony vandalism, felony riot, failure to disperse, obstructing highways and other public passages, disorderly conduct, and defiant trespass with additional counts of criminal conspiracy.Violence broke out over the weekend outside the Lancaster police station in response to the police shooting of a Latino man who rushed at a cop with a knife.


As first reported on the conservative blog, “The Other McCain,” Patterson is a junior at Franklin and Marshall College, a private liberal arts college in Lancaster where the annual cost of attendance is over $75,000 including housing. The arrested suspect is also a Kappa Delta sorority member and an “ally” of the campus-based Black Student Union (BSU).

In an Instagram post, the BSU is crowdfunding Patterson’s release through CashApp, Venmo, and Paypal.


“[Patterson] has now been wrongfully accused of crimes she could not possibly commit,” BSU’s page wrote, linking to a GoFundMe to raise money for Patterson’s bail set at $1 million and any legal fees incurred “while being wrongfully detained.” However, GoFundMe’s terms of service prohibits fundraisers for those accused of crimes associated with violence and terrorism, among other charges. GoFundMe has been reached for comment. Patterson’s crowdfunding page has raised the $35,000 goal needed for the bail bondsman.

The Franklin and Marshall College Black Student Union promotes a fundraiser for Kathryn Patterson

The Franklin and Marshall College Black Student Union promotes a fundraiser for Kathryn Patterson


Her Kappa Delta chapter also released a statement directing to the fundraiser and defending their blonde Eta Lambda sister for protesting the “wrongful murder” of Ricardo Munoz who was shot by a responding police officer on a domestic disturbance call when Munoz charged with a knife in-hand, according to police body camera footage. The 27-year-old, accused of stabbing four victims last year, was set to go to trial in October.

Patterson is currently being held at Lancaster County Prison. As of Monday evening, she has yet to speak to her family or a lawyer while in detainment, her father, Chip Patterson, told Lancaster Online.

This tactic of imposing excessive bail prevented repeat incidents during Monday night’s protest, which was met with swift action as law enforcement regained control of the city. Civil unrest was quelled in less than 24 hours in stark contrast to Portland’s catch and release policies.