A social media user posted on an online message board that he infiltrated Antifa’s social media networks on the platform called “Telegraph.”

The user claims that he’s been “eavesdropping” on the channels used by Antifa, and he’s discovered that they’re very disorganized, have a strong fear of Trump and COVID, and are extremely “demoralized” by video clips that mock them.

There were hundreds of versions but this was one of the most popular ones:


The user listed out 6-points that he found most interesting from his time observing the group.

Here’s what he said:

Recently I have been eavesdropping on a network of leftist Telegram channels totaling several thousand members. Here are my takeaways:

1. Videos of protesters getting humiliated are huge demoralizers to the point to where they don’t even want people posting them in their own private groups. They know that such videos are very effective to normie audiences. For example, regarding the legs-on-fire guy:

“It’s not their headline that matters, it’s the humiliating videos”
“Out of respect for the injured protector, please don’t post any links to these weaponized and humiliating videos.”

2. Too many chefs in the kitchen and a rejection of hierarchy means that they are disorganized and can’t reach consensus. Outside of Portland they struggle to get things off the ground, there is obvious confusion and conflicting information, and people often ask if anything concrete is being planned and are met with shrugged shoulders or responses to the effect of “I heard something is going on” or “organize it yourself.” They have no capability to enact long term strategy. Fears of coronavirus also hamper efforts, or maybe it’s performative and a way to excuse (to themselves) their inability to do anything, I’m not sure.

3. They have no plan for November in the event of a Trump win. They’re very concerned about it, but they can’t agree on what to do about it.

4. Despite their public posturing they’re scared shitless of Trump supporters. They genuinely believe we’re weeks away from Trump unleashing state sanctioned private right wing death squads which is obviously delusional. They do have the clarity of mind to realize know that they are hopelessly outgunned and soft, however, so this must be a pretty terrifying delusion.

5. There’s a large paranoia overhead. They (correctly) believe that cops and “fascists” are watching them. Everyone is reminded to avoid using their real name, to ask for permission in public before DMing people (and to report receiving unsolicted DMs), etc.

6. They’re pathologically over-socialized. The meme about leftist memes being walls of text is true, these Telegram channels are subdivided into 50 billion specific sub-channels with long introductory posts and bots that vomit walls of text everywhere. 20 paragraph blog posts explaining why the three arrows logo ACKSHUALLY isn’t anti-communist are linked to, etc. They have intricate 80+ item sticker packs full of art specific to recent protests. These are bored college students and pseudointellectuals with delusions of grandeur who are largely living in a fantasy world.

Well, if this is accurate, I think this little investigation here tells us what we already knew – Antifa is a group of awkward, and scared college kids who think they know more than they do, have no actual plans, and can’t handle the “real world.”

Also, we must keep mocking these insecure ninny’s as much as possible because they really can’t handle criticism. Which isn’t surprising, right?  This is the “everybody gets a trophy” crowd…Kids who grew up with parents telling them what unique little snowflakes they were.

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